Winemaker: Daniel Pi, Trapiche Argentina

We speak with Argentinian winemaker Daniel Pi of Trapiche about just how painful it would be to give up, either, wine or music. At a push, he’d take the wine. But only when really pushed…

I am a winemaker, but the best way to describe me is as a wine lover. I love everything wine has done for me during my career. I’ve met, and come across, people, stories, food, places and moments that I never would’ve expected. My job title is director of wine, but outside of work I like to spend spare time with friends and family, especially in our garage winery. Drinking wine.

I was lucky as there was no call from God, so to speak. Nobody said ‘you should be a winemaker’, or anything like that. In fact, when I was young, nobody understood why I studied winemaking. Most of my friends called me a ‘professional drunk’, but life and time gave me the opportunity to change things, and achieve a dream of making great wine in our country that we can show off to the rest of the world.

Personally, I don’t like to make complicated wines. For me, the idea is to preserve the grape’s character. Bonarda is a grape variety that was brought to Argentina by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century. It’s a generous, late-ripening grape, with soft tannins, good acidity, nice colour and red fruit flavours – especially strawberries. Our Trapiche Bonarda is a good expression of how this grape develops in Argentina. It has a gentle oak ageing, of less than a year.


I love to listen to music when crafting wine. Especially in the blending sessions, when I’m working with my wine-making team. I also enjoy listening to it when I’m with friends. With some, I often play music as well. For me, it’s like wine – it’s made to share, and to explore and to feed the soul. I personally think wine, enjoyed with friends and music is the perfect combination.

If I had the chance to go back in time, I’d share a nice bottle of Malbec with my father before he passed away. We’d listen to Astor Piazzolla, live in Concert, and talk about life. I’d like the time to say thank you for all the things he did for me.

I think I’d prefer to die than choose between wine and music. Living with only one would be terrible. However, sharing wine with friends creates a similar feeling to the music in my soul, so, who knows…

Lately, I´m really enjoying listening to:

Soda Stereo – Sép7imo Día

Sep7imo Dia

John Coltrane – My Favourite Things: Coltrane at Newport


Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II


Las Pelotas – Brindando por Nada


Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison


If I wasn’t a winemaker, I’d love to be a guitar man. That would be fun!

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